Stärker ditt mikrobiom

Hudegna ingredienser och pre- och probiotika stärker hudens mikrobiom, grunden till en hälsosam hud.

Provides maximum impact

Tack vare kylförvaringen får du maximal effekt av de aktiva, vetenskapligt beprövade ingredienser vi använder. 

Utan tillsatser som stör

Vår färska hudvård innehåller inte konserveringsmedel, parfym, misstänkt hormonstörande ingredienser och andra onödiga tillsatser. 



Discover the Sun Emulsion range

Vår solskyddsserie Sun Emulsion är framtagen med en helt ny solskyddsteknologi som kombinerar toppmoderna UV-filter med vårdande ingredienser för att skapa ett högpresterande och hudvänligt skydd mot solens strålar. Serien innehåller både SPF 30 och 50+, för ansikte och kropp, som passar hela familjen och är även utvecklad för den mest känsliga huden.

What our customers think
Probiotic Concentrate
Sara / 35-44 years

The icing on the cake

This serum really complements the rich emulsion moisturizer perfectly, especially now in the winter when surface dryness creeps in. Love how I feel that it works on the skin without irritating as many active products can otherwise do.
Just realized that this serum can be used during the day as well - lovely!

Rich Emulsion
Rael / 45-54 år

Wonderful and gentle skin cream for the whole face

The cream both nourishes and balances the skin significantly more than all other products I have used before. Wonderful that I can use the same cream also for my sensitive eye area without any problems. And the skin is beautiful and well cared for. Simply the best!

Night Active Retinol
Marie / 45-54 years


Had problem skin since my teens that resulted in minor acne scars. Used several expensive skin products over the years that are supposed to soothe, moisturize and reduce pores and reduce scars and wrinkles etc. and have to say it's the first time I've actually found a product that delivers. My skin is feels moisturized, soothed and experiences reduced pores and my scars/wrinkles feel smoother. I am so pleased!

Five Point Cleanser
Martina / 25-34 years

Incredibly good cleaning

I use this on my face every night, and it is easy to remove makeup, even heavier makeup. I never get tight in my face, and it does not take much to remove everything, even waterproof mascara. Awesome product! Also uses for the body sometimes, and it feels incredibly kind to the skin.

Probiotic Concentrate
Felicia / 25-34 years

Very satisfied

This is kind of the only product I've been able to use on my skin when I have eczema, and feel that it helps without stinging and without drying out the skin. Don't even need to apply 2 times a day, because my skin stays soft and supple for a whole day thanks to this!

About Skinome

from research into skin care

After more than 15 years of skin research, we have developed fresh skincare under the guidance of skin scientist Dr. Johanna Gillbro. This means that our formulations are designed to support your microbiome (= skin flora) and therefore contain no unnecessary additives such as preservatives, perfumes and colorants. Instead, we focus on scientifically proven and active ingredients that provide maximum effect on your skin thanks to cold storage. Fresh skincare is a unique innovation focusing on real results, without disturbing the good bacteria that are the foundation of your skin health.