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Real Skin Real Results

In our new mini-series Real Skin Real Results you will get to know our customers Maja, Amanda and Isa's stories where they share their different skin journeys that we hope can inspire you. Watch the trailer now and don't miss the first episode released this Sunday!

Real Skin Real Results - Amanda

Meet Amanda who has been a Skinome customer for 3 years. As a teenager, she struggled with both acne and combination skin and was offered strong products that unfortunately worsened the condition. Since then, Amanda has tried a variety of products and routines, such as the Korean 10-step routine and mixing her own skincare at home, but still didn't get the effect she wanted. Listen to her story about her relationship with her skin.

What our customers think

Victoria, 35-44 years old

Writes like others, Uses it on myself and the children, both on body and face. It goes into the skin nicely, which also feels balanced and moisturized.

Sun Emulsion Body SPF 50+
Matilda, 25-34 years old

It is so lovely in texture, sinks in well and leaves no oily film. Have used it daily as the only cream in the morning and it has worked really well, both without and with makeup! Received several compliments that my skin has looked nice with it on. Thank you Skinome!

Sun Emulsion SPF 50+
Lora, 45-54 years old

Lovely texture of the cream that is easily absorbed and most importantly it helps against dry skin. During the winter months, I used to have trouble with dry skin.
After I started using Rich body cream, the dryness disappeared and my skin feels silky smooth.

Rich Body Cream
Lina, 24 years old

The only product you need in your shower!! Perfect for shaving, as an intimate soap and for removing waterproof mascara. Great for anyone with dry skin!

Five Point Cleanser
Line, 55-64

My favorite everyday Cleanser for my sensitive rosacea prone skin. Very gentle but yet effective. Love it!

Sensitive Cleanser
Anna, 35-44 years old

May be the absolute best skin cream I have ever used and then I have tried many. Did not think that such a light cream could moisturize as much as it does.

Notice a big difference in pores, have a more even
skin tone and a nice natural glow.

Light Emulsion
Sara, 35-45 years old

I am very happy with the product. I like to feel that I only add things that are good for my skin and appreciate that there are few and simple products. I feel that Night active control strengthens and evens out the skin. I have fewer acne outbreaks and smoother skin.

Night Active Control
Britt-Marie, 25-34 years old

Used Mineral Cleanser for exactly 1 year and do not miss any part of my previous cleansing routine. The skin feels even in structure; both clean after cleansing and without impurities over time. Easy to relate to the routine both when traveling and when living in an everyday life with small children.

Mineral Cleanser
Maja, < 24 år

Since I started using this in combination with Mineral cleanser, I have stopped testing other products, both me and my skin are more than satisfied! Experience that the skin is properly moisturized and has both noticeable luster and more even skin tone.

Rich Emulsion
Ulrika, 45-54 years old

With the help of skinome products, my skin is less reactive, soft and moisturized. The combination of probiotic serum and face cream rich intens is amazing.


Probiotic Concentrate
Minna, 35-44 years old

Love this! I have dry and sensitive skin, also problems with rashes (atopic skin) and think this is lovely. Oily but not sticky, wonderful feeling to apply. Have no problem getting the cream out of the bottle.

Rich Intense
Linda, 35-44 years old

I love the night concentrate. I use the concentrate pure, without mixing with another cream in the evening. The feeling on the skin in the morning is absolutely amazing!

Night Active Retinol
What is freshly made skincare?

In an industry where the vast majority of skincare products contain a high level of preservatives and additives, we are going our own way and offering something completely new and unique - fresh skincare. Our products aren't made to sit for years on a store shelf or in your bathroom.In exchange for a shorter sustainability, and some space in your fridge, you get skincare packed with stuff that actually does your skin good, instead of large amounts of preservatives.

For a better planet

Our bottles are made from
Ocean Waste Plastic

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