We all have a story to share when it comes to our skin and for many it has not always been an easy relationship. We know that many people struggle with their skin and unfortunately the beauty industry has created an image of what the "perfect skin" should look like, an image that is often unattainable. We want to change this and celebrate skin by allowing our customers, real people, to take more space and share their skin journeys.


Real Skin Real Stories - Axel

Most of us take a journey when it comes to our skin during our lives, a journey that can look a little different at different times. But, for our ambassador Axel Schylström, it has rather been like two completely different lives when it comes to his skin. One life where he did not think about his skin at all, and another where his skin became a central part of his life after he received 16,000 volts through him, which caused third degree burns on large parts of his body. This has of course also influenced how he takes care of his skin today. 

In this episode, Axel shares his skin story and the lessons he learned from from his two skin journeys. Watch the full episode now!


Real Skin Real Results

In our new mini-series Real Skin Real Results, you will hear from our customers Maja, Amanda and Isa as they share their different skin journeys that we hope will inspire you.

Watch the trailer now and don't miss all 3 episodes!


Real Skin Real Results - Maja

Meet Maja who has been a Skinome customer for a little over a year. A few years ago, Maja had major problems with acne breakouts, which led her to start reading and learning more about the skin. The new knowledge made her buy a variety of products which resulted in a long and time-consuming skincare routine. Over time, Maja felt it became unsustainable and after reading Johanna Gillbro's book The Skin Bible, she decided to start over. Listen to her story about her skin journey.


Real Skin Real Results - Ia

Meet our customer Ia who has been using Skinome products for about 3 years. Ia has always had a great interest in skin care and has been looking for a long time for products that can take care of her sensitive and dry skin. She had tried most things on the market with varying results when she found Skinome and felt that it finally fell into place. This was something that her skin liked. Listen to Ia's story of her skin journey.

"The skin is a complex and beautiful organ that plays an important role in how we feel. My goal with Skinome is to contribute to a better skin health and to create skin care that always puts the best of the skin in focus, nothing else..."
Dr. Johanna Gillbro
Head of Research & Founder

Real Skin Real Results - Amanda

Meet Amanda who has been a Skinome customer for 3 years. As a teenager, she struggled with both acne and combination skin and was offered strong products that unfortunately worsened the condition. Since then, Amanda has tried a variety of products and routines, such as the Korean 10-step routine and mixing her own skincare at home, but still didn't get the effect she wanted. Listen to her story about her relationship with her skin.

Skin Academy

What is freshly made skincare?

In an industry where the vast majority of skincare products contain a high degree of preservatives and additives, we are going our own way and offering something completely new and unique - fresh skincare. Our products are not made to stand for years on a store shelf or in your bathroom.In exchange for a shorter sustainability, and some space in the fridge, you get skincare packed with things that actually do your skin good, instead of large amounts of preservatives.