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At Skinome we are driven by the desire for new knowledge and with our research we build greater understanding and knowledge of the skin and the interaction with our microorganisms. The products we develop are always based on the latest research where we put your skin in focus and first place, nothing else.

Our research


We conduct much of our research at our office and laboratory in Stockholm, but also in collaboration with universities and other partners. We are open with our research and publish the results in scientific journals, present at conferences or make them available to you as a customer.

Our research


For every product we develop, we conduct studies to understand and demonstrate the impact of the product. We try to conduct our studies according to high standards, they are controlled and comparative, which allows us to better understand and evaluate the impact of the product. We use objective instrumental measurement methods but also user tests to study the effect.

Our research

Study on dry, irritated, sensitive and eczema-prone skin

Skinome is proud to present the impressive effect of the probiotic anti-inflammatory lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus Reuteri, originally from breast milk, in combination with an emollient cream completely free of from additives.

Results & user tests
Restore My Body Duo
Restore My Body Duo
A nourishing routine for dry, irritated or eczema-prone skin.
Restore My Body Duo

75% of participants reported a marked reduction in dryness and flaking skin.

60% of women experienced a reduction in itching

84% experienced effective hydration.

76% experienced a strengthened skin barrier thanks to this combination.

None of the participants had new eczema outbreaks during the study. Works on both body and face and also for children.

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