Fresh Skin Care

Thanks to our deep knowledge and research on the skin, we know what makes your skin feel good and what works. Our fresh products contain scientifically proven, effective ingredients and are developed to strengthen your microbiome and work in symbiosis with your skin. That's why you get real results from our skincare.

Freshly made skincare

Long live the skin!

And long live the life beneath the surface. Where thousands of good bacteria and other microorganisms thrive. That's where it all starts and where the revolution grows, in your microbiome. Let's give your skin what it really needs and get real results. Let us feed your amazing skin flora with few but active ingredients and let us build your skincare routine on research and nothing else. And let's exclude what your skin really doesn't need - preservatives, perfumes and strange additives. Welcome to the fresh revolution!

Freshly made skincare

Skin + microbiome = Skinoma

The name Skinome is an amalgamation of the English words for skin and microbiome. The choice of name was simple, simply because we want to celebrate skin. We love skin and always put its best interests first. Skin is there for us, enveloping us and protecting us. And we need to give back to the skin, take care of it and give love to all the microorganisms that live on the skin. They are crucial to the health of our skin and make up our vital microbiome.

We are here to revolutionize the skincare industry and set new standards for good skincare. Through knowledge and science, we want to empower and inspire people to make conscious, sustainable choices for optimal skin health.
Lydia Engholm
CEO Skinome
Freshly made skincare

Ready for a new skincare routine?

Our skincare is about putting your skin's best interests first. Not about what's easiest to develop and store or what's most profitable. We hope that our fresh products will help you achieve optimal skin health - that's the reason Skinome exists and what's behind it all, from our choice of ingredients to storage recommendations and the way we make our products. Our journey has gone from from thought to innovation and now reality with skincare products that are completely unique and unlike anything else on the market. We call it fresh, active and microbiome-enhancing skincare. It's skincare with a single focus - your skin.

Freshly made skincare

Good skincare is freshly made

We are driven by the desire to transfer the knowledge from many years of research and our passion for skin health into our products. A long innovation process and hundreds of hours in our laboratory in Stockholm are behind the development of each product. We know what's good for the skin and never compromise. The realization of what the skin needs has made us rethink and do things in a completely new way. Skinome's products are freshly produced and contain no preservatives, perfumes or other unnecessary additives that could harm your skin. Instead, we use scientifically proven ingredients that deliver real effects and skin endogenous substances that work in symbiosis with your skin and strengthen your microbiome.