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Lesson 7 - Sun protection
Just in time for spring, we're releasing episode 7 of Skin Care School and this lesson is about...
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Lesson 6 - The microbiome
Lesson 6 is about all the microorganisms of the skin, also called the skin microbiome (= skin flora). Why is it...
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Lesson 5 - Wrinkles
Today's episode is about wrinkles - why do we get them, can we counteract our ageing...
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Lesson 4 - Question Time
In today's episode, Carina and Johanna have a Q&A session and answer your questions! What is...
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Lesson 3 - Preservatives & the skin's good bacteria
In today's episode, Carina and Johanna discuss preservatives in skin care. Why do we have preservatives in...
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Lesson 2 - Stock on hand
In the second episode of Skin Care School, we delve into Carina's not-so-minimalist skin care routine (or...
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Lesson 1 - Dead skin cells
The first episode is about dead skin cells - are they really dead, how does it...
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