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The Double P Christmas Porridge by EatingNaked
It's that time of the year, when Christmas music is all you hear. The songs...
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EatingNaked's prebiotic potato salad
Today I want to share the recipe for my French potato salad, another lovely...
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EatingNaked's summer cake
Summer is here and so are the sweet Swedish strawberries! A recipe for a...
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EatingNaked's delicious Vitamin C crumble!
This recipe is my cooking philosophy in a nutshell - recipes made with our health...
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Retinoodles made by Eatingnaked
First of all, I want to say that this recipe is very flexible, so you...
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Savory Sunny Oats made by EatingNaked
This recipe is made by our intern Anna Gardell, who also has the Instagram account...
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Overnight Oats
This recipe will help you increase the intake of the skin-boosting vitamin C as well...
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Spicy Polyphenol Bonanza
This is our Spicy Polyphenol Bonanza-recipe that combines the stilbene resveratrol with the tannin procyanidin....
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Sun smoothie
A number of studies have shown that a mix of vitamin C and E can...
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Carotenoid-rich gazpacho for the skin
This is our "Carotenoid-rich gazpacho for the skin"-recipe. We want to eat carotenoids because it...
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