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Skinome's skincare is obviously PFAS-free - but why do others use them?
  Of course, you won't find PFAS in Skinome's products, we have never used these hazardous...
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Endocrine disruptors and possible impact during pregnancy
Endocrine disruptors are chemicals that can disrupt the body's hormonal balance. They are found in many everyday products...
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Synthetic or natural ingredients - which is best?
We are often asked whether we use only natural ingredients in our skincare products and whether...
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Production of chemicals - different methods
Synthetic chemicals are those created by humans through chemical processes. These substances can...
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Peeling away dead skin cells? The skin expert explains
At Skinome, we often get questions on the subject of skin peeling. Whether it is good for...
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Skin care during menopause
During menopause, many people notice changes in their skin. Then it may be worth reviewing...
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Skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding
When you become pregnant, your body undergoes a major change and is affected both externally and...
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Skin expert's 4 tips for those with dry and sensitive skin
Now in autumn when the air gets drier and it gets colder, many people with dry...
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Boost your skin with our concentrates - a guide
There are several reasons why you should include one of our concentrates in your...
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What is freshly made skincare?
In an industry where the vast majority of skincare products contain a high level of preservatives and additives...
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Carina Berg's fresh skin care favourites
A simple three-step routine is all your skin needs. After over a decade of...
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Our guide to retinol - 5 simple tips
If you're a knowledgeable skincare user, you're probably already well aware of retinol - a...
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3 Tips for a Winter Dry Skin
Winter is just around the corner and we are now heading towards colder times, at least if you...
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Our top tips for oily skin
What are the characteristics of oily skin? Oily skin produces more sebum or sebum which makes...
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Our top tips for acne-prone skin
Why do we get blackheads and acne? The skin's production of sebum can cause pores to become clogged...
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The 5 best skin care tips from the skin experts
Designing a suitable skin care routine is not easy, especially in an age when...
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7 lifestyle factors that affect your skin
Your skin health is largely a reflection of your lifestyle. Everything you put in your body, from carrots...
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How to winterize your skin
Cleansing and exfoliation are just as important as moisturising - but moderation is the key when it comes to...
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Get to know your skin - Skin's ABC
The skin is one of the body's most important organs, besides serving as our ultimate defence against...
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Tips and tricks - how to best protect your hands
Winter, heat, water, dry air, lots of hand washing, soap and disinfectant...
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