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Fresh vs traditional skincare - what is what?
For too long, there has really only been one alternative in the skin care market, what we at Skinome call traditional skin care. That's the skin care you find on store shelves and in online stores today. Traditional skincare often contains so much preservative that the products last for at least 30 months - that's 2.5 years! This, of course, benefits manufacturers, retailers and, by all means, us consumers (it can be seen as handy to be able to keep a product for months at room temperature without it changing).

But the question is, how good is this for the skin? Not at all, we say – and also new studies and new research in this area. Even it is so bad that large amounts of preservatives can be harmful to the skin.

The problems with traditional skin care are two

What we call traditional skin care has one thing in common – it is skin care that contains preservatives and other additives that are there to magic away unwanted odors and paint and get the right feeling when using the product. The main reason why preservatives have become a main ingredient in today's skin care is because it increases the shelf life of the product. Preservatives prevent growth, i.e. mold, in the cream caused by bad bacteria that the creams come into contact with when exposed to, for example, water, air or simply our hands. Preservatives are therefore added to the skincare cream solely for the sake of the product and to reduce costs for producers. A longer sustainability allows manufacturers to produce large volumes (because it is cheaper) and then store it in stock for a long time. When sent to retailers and stores, the products can be stored on shelves at room temperature and under bright light. This makes it easy for manufacturers and retailers to manage the products but is it good for the skin? No, I don't think so.

1) Traditional skin care interferes with the skin's microbiome

Recently, researchers discovered that the skin is home to trillions of microorganisms - bacteria, viruses and fungi - all of which are there and work hard for good skin health. This composition of microorganisms on the skin is called the skin microbiome, so it is the skin's own good bacterial flora. Researchers believe that an imbalanced skin microbiome may be the cause of various skin conditions such as acne, rosacea and eczema. So what does this have to do with preservatives in skincare products? Well, preservatives kill the "bad" bacteria that can get into your skincare cream. Unfortunately, they also affect your good skin bacteria when you lubricate yourself with a traditional skincare cream, which allows you to upset the balance of the skin microbiome. In the long term, it can negatively affect your skin health as the preservative unfortunately cannot distinguish between bad and good bacteria and your skin's microbiome can thus be imbalanced.

2) Traditional skin care does not ensure the effectiveness of active ingredients

Many times, traditional skin care also contains active ingredients, such as the use of a skincare system. Retinol or vitamin C. Our founder, Dr Johanna Gillbro, has researched and developed new active ingredients and noted several years ago that many active ingredients are affected by air and heat to the extent that they degrade. So they lose efficiency, they become less effective when exposed to it. This means that skin care products with active ingredients become less active over time and if exposed to light, air or room temperature, such as when it is on the shelf in the skincare store under strong, warm lamps, when you open and close the jar or store it in a warm bathroom cabinet. So even if the product from initially contained an active ingredient, there is a high risk that it has degraded and is no longer active. Sure, you can try to stabilize the active substances with even more additives, but many of these stabilizers are neither good for your skin nor our environment.

So, what are the benefits of fresh skin care?

The fact that traditional skincare both disturbs the skin's microbiome and doesn't live up to its promise on the packaging, was the reason why we at Skinome created an alternative to traditional skincare, namely fresh skincare. Fresh skincare is about putting the best interests of the skin first. Not about what's best for the factory or shelf life.

Our products have shorter sustainability and we manufacture them in small volumes in Sweden. Immediately after the products are manufactured, they are stored in cold rooms before being transported to your home. We are the first in the world to do this, something we are incredibly proud of. This new approach to skin care in terms of manufacturing, storage, warehousing, logistics and sales makes it possible to develop microbiome-friendly and effective skin care.

Our products do not contain unnecessary additives such as perfumes or dyes and instead of using large amounts of preservatives, they are preserved through our solidly developed method with minimal anti-microbial ingredients. 

Why choose fresh skin care?

1) Because your skin feels good about it! We believe in the power of our good bacteria on the skin and the products are developed to strengthen our skin's natural microbiome. By minimizing the amount of additives and preservatives, we can balance the skin's microbiome and thus work for a healthier skin.

2) Because the active ingredients have an effect! By having shorter sustainability and storing the products refrigerated immediately after production, we can maintain the effect of the active ingredients, so that you get the effect expected of the products. (We also recommend keeping the products cool during the period of use, simply for the best effect. Then we know that we do not promise anything that our products cannot keep.

Welcome to the recent revolution!