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Do you have questions or concerns about your skin and skincare routine? Then you can get help from our skincare experts, Johanna Gilbro (Founder of Skinome) or Ulf Åkerström (Chief Innovation Officer).

Book a free digital consultation below and find a skincare routine based on your skin's needs.

Book a free digital skin care consultation

Book a free digital skin care consultation

Click on the "Book now" button and choose a time that suits you. The times that can be booked are Wednesdays between 16-17 or Fridays between 08.30-09.30.

What you need to know

This is a digital consultation, which means you need to either call in from a phone, computer or tablet.

Find a date and time that suits you and complete the information requested. You will then receive a confirmation email with a Google Meet link that you can call in to during the booked time. Be sure to book the time in your own calendar so you don't miss out on this free consultation!

Nothing, but make sure you arrive on time! We are here for everyone who wants to understand their skin better.

Yes! We care about your skin. We always want to offer the best for it, which is fresh skin care.

We also use the information and needs to develop new products.