Our own laboratory in Stockholm

Freshly made skincare for optimal skin health

The research and development of our products takes place at Hornsgatan 172 in Stockholm. This is the location of both Skinome's office and laboratory, and it is precisely this "lab" that enables us to constantly make new formulations and test new ingredients. The lab is not very large, but functional and our formulation chemists use it every day. As our skincare concept is unique and the first of its kind, a thorough innovation process has been required to create our formulations. Rejecting conventional methods to create only skincare that improves skin health, our laboratory and formulation chemists have created what we believe is the future of skincare - and it's finally here. Fresh, active and microbiome-enhancing skincare without unnecessary additives and preservatives. Our products are formulated solely to improve and strengthen your skin health.

Carefully selected ingredients - for the best effect

Since we ourselves develop all our formulations, we also work directly with suppliers of raw materials and ingredients. This gives us a unique opportunity to get a greater insight into where the ingredients come from, how they have been developed, treated and we can also take part of the studies and research that the suppliers have done on these ingredients. We choose each ingredient with care and we choose substances that are as beneficial as possible for the skin and its function. Several ingredients that we use are what we call skin endogenous - these are substances that the skin recognizes and produces itself. We also use skin endogenous ingredients that have been modified to obtain better properties in terms of power, absorption or penetration capacity and tolerance. We strive to choose ingredients with as little environmental impact as possible, and we ensure that all our raw materials have a high degree of purity. Thanks to our formulation team's close contact with our suppliers, we can be at the forefront of the development of new raw materials and ingredients and thanks to our laboratory we can continuously test and evaluate the use of these substances.

Always formulated and refrigerated in the laboratory

Our skincare concept is based on more than ten years of research on the skin, skin flora (= skin microbiome) and active ingredients. It is thanks to this research that we understand what an optimal composition of a skin care product is to give the best effect on the skin without disturbing its natural composition and upsetting the balance of the skin. We know that several active ingredients must be stored refrigerated to maintain their effect, therefore we always keep our formulations chilled in the lab, and we also store all the ingredients that require it in the refrigerator. The same applies throughout the manufacturing process, finished products are stored and refrigerated immediately after manufacturing in our warehouse, and we also encourage you as a user to store the products in the refrigerator at home - simply to be able to get the best effect from our products.