our concept

Good skincare is freshly made

Ready for a new skincare routine?

Our skincare is about putting the best interests of your skin first. Not about what's best for the factory or the store shelf. We hope that our fresh products will help you achieve optimal skin health - that's the very idea and reason Skinome exists and what lies behind everything, from our choice of ingredients to storage recommendations and the way we make our products. The journey and process has gone from thought to innovation and now reality with a range of skincare products that are completely unique of their kind and unlike anything else on the market today. We call it freshly made, active and microbiome-enhancing skin care. It's skin care focused on your skin, nothing else. Welcome to the fresh revolution.

We can preserve your skin flora instead of the product

Common traditional skincare products contain preservatives, and often contain other additives that can disrupt your skin's healthy bacterial flora. Our skincare products are different from anything you've used before. Skinome products are freshly made and contain no conventional preservatives, perfumes or other unnecessary additives. While they do not disturb your skin, they contain skin endogenous substances that promote your skin health and strengthen your skin flora (= your microbiome). The realization of what is good for the skin has meant that we have had to rethink and do things differently and take different routes from the traditional ones. Production is done in smaller volumes and the products have shorter sustainability (production date and best before date are always on the packaging!). Good skincare is a fresh commodity. We are convinced that this is the skin care of the future. Freshly made, actual and always the best right now.

Active skin care with full force

Many of us search for active ingredients when choosing skin care products. And there are a lot of ingredients that have proven to have an effect on the skin. However, something that many people do not know is that many active ingredients in skin care products lose effect when they come into contact with air and when stored at a room temperature. Today, a billion-dollar industry has been built around skincare products that can be stored at room temperature, or even in even higher temperatures, without becoming "bad". However, although the product itself looks unchanged, many of the active ingredients lose their effect over time. We have designed our products and packaging so that the effect of the active substances is maintained with the same effect as when you first opened your new product and you get just as good effect from beginning to the end of your product use.

Innovation, research and passion

There is a long innovation process behind the creation of our first products. It took hard work, laughter, sweat and tears, and thousands of lab samples formulated in our former laboratory in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, to get it right. The journey has not always been easy, our solution is far beyond the traditional skincare offered today. At Skinome, we are driven by the desire to transfer the knowledge from many years of research and our passion for skin health into our products. The skin is a complex (and beautiful!) organ that plays an important role in how we feel. We know what your skin needs and we promise never to compromise on the skincare products we create. The products are based on the latest skin research combined with a priority to create skincare that puts skin first and foremost, nothing else.