Meet our founder Dr. Johanna Gillbro

My journey as an entrepreneur and founder of Skinome began in my childhood when I was afflicted with the pigmentary disease vitiligo, because that's also when my fascination with skin began. The knowledge of skin eventually led me to the skincare industry and today I have over 15 years of experience in skincare from roles as Research Director and Innovation Director. During these years I have accumulated so much knowledge about the skin but also understanding and insights on how we can best care for it without disturbing its natural function. Because that's just it, the skin is already its own super-competent system that has evolved and optimised itself over more than 100,000 years, we should be careful about how we treat the skin.

In April 2019, I released the book The Skin Bible where the aim was to explain the latest science and my research on skin in a simple way, thereby guiding and giving skin care users a tool to make the best decisions for their skin. In the book, I also talked about the change I wanted to see in the skincare industry to take better care of our skin. With the amazing response the book received, I felt that I couldn't sit around and wait for someone else to develop the type of skincare that I believe is best for the skin, I had to simply do it myself. The result was Skinome, where I, along with five other incredibly talented chemists, have developed a brand new alternative to the traditional skincare that has long been the only option on the market - we call it fresh skincare.

Fresh skincare is about putting the skin's best interests first, not about what's best for the manufacturer and what makes it easier to stock or store on the shelf. That's why we make freshly made skincare that contains no preservatives, perfumes or other unnecessary additives. Our products only contain ingredients that are there for the skin, therefore our skincare has a shorter sustainability and we make it slightly more complicated when we ask you to store some of our products refrigerated. But we think it's worth it, as our skin feels the best for it.

Fresh skin care is the result of over 10 years of research on the skin and its flora (= microbiome). The microbiome contains all the trillions of good bacteria that regulate the way your skin feels and looks. We need to protect the microbiome and be careful about the products we use, so as not to interfere with its natural function. That's why all our fresh products are microbiome-friendly, which boosts your skin health. Just as fresh food is good for your health, fresh skincare is good for your skin health.

My goal with Skinome is to contribute to better skin health for the skin care user by developing, together with my team, skin care products based on the latest research on skin and the minimalist philosophy we have. As new discoveries are made, we will continue to develop and change our own products, always with a focus on putting skin first. A lot has happened since I published The Skin Bible, but at the same time I feel this is just the beginning.  


Johanna Gillbro
Founder & CSO Skinome



Johanna Gillbro   has a PhD in experimental and clinical dermatology from the University of Bradford in England.

During her phD in the UK, Johanna Gillbro focused on skin pigmentation and the meaning of oxidative stress in the skin on patients with the skin disease vitiligo. Johanna Gillbro graduated in experimental dermatology in 2006 and today has more than 15 years of experience in dermatology and is a specialist in skin and how to take care of it.

Johanna Gillbro has published many scientific articles in the field of dermatology and is the most cited author in the International Journal of Cosmetics. She has also won an award for the best scientific paper in cosmetic science and is often invited to international dermatology conferences to present her research results.

Johanna Gillbro has taken out a number of patents on several innovative new active ingredients for skin care. She has held research leadership roles in anti-ageing treatments, skin barrier function and hyperpigmentation. She has also led research on active ingredients for skin care and been an innovation manager in the skin care industry.