How we work with sustainability

As a startup, we have a great opportunity to do the right thing from start by building a business where we focus on finding solutions that minimize the negative impact on our planet. Our ambition is to develop skin care products with the least possible climate impact and we strive to work with sustainability at all stages of our company. This is a work in progress and we are far from finished - read more about our sustainability work here.
How we work with sustainability in all parts of our business

Our sustainability work is based on from Agenda 2030 and the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The goals serve as a guide for companies and others to show how their activities help promote sustainable development, both by minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts on people and the planet. We seek to follow the UN advice by assessing our impact, setting targets and communicating openly about the results.

Here we want to show you what our value chain looks like, how we have tried to act responsibly and sustainably by minimising unnecessary emissions and waste through all stages of our supply chain - from production to consumer. We have divided our value chain into four steps and present here how we thought about these - Materials, Production, Transport and Consumption.

Our sustainability work, agenda 2030 and the UN's global sustainability goals

We want to work in a way that is consistent with as many of the UN's 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development as possible, simply because it is a good framework for what we need to think about in order to contribute to a more sustainable world. Some of the goals are more relevant to us than others because they are directly linked to what we do as a company. In this section you can read more about our ambition to work with some of the UN's global goals and how we plan to do the work.

Our cooperation with Tree-Nation

Planting trees has proven to be one of the most effective solutions to combat climate change. That's why Skinome partners with Tree-Nation, a non-profit organization that helps individuals and businesses plant trees to offset carbon emissions. Founded in 2006, the organization has since planted over eight million trees around the world - an effort we are proud to be a part of together with our customers.

We have interviewed Maxime Renaudin, founder of Tree-Nation, to hear more about their important work.