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Expert on sunscreens: the substances you should avoid
It is still better to use sunscreen than to skip it, despite the discussion about...
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What about sunscreen - do you skip it altogether or use it all year round?
On June 7, an article was published in Svenska Dagbladet with the headline: Experts' advice: Skip sunscreen...
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Substances to watch out for in sunscreen products
Summary of substances found in sunscreens. 
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Skin expert's top 5 sun protection tips
Most of us love to spend time in the sun and if we enjoy...
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Part 1 - A guide to sun protection
The sun's rays can be wonderful and many of us love spending time in the sun....
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Part 2 - What the sunscreen label means
Sunscreen products sold in Europe are regulated by the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. To facilitate...
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Part 3 - Skin friendliness and hormonal effects of UV filters
Sunscreens contain substances called UV filters. These substances not only affect the environment around us...
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Part 4 - Sun protection from an environmental perspective
Creating sunscreen products is both resource-intensive and has an environmental impact. On the one hand from manufacturing, where resources...
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